• Converting and adapting French or Italian text into natural-sounding English

  • Maintaining the original's meaning and style while tailoring the text to its new target audience

  • Most suited to texts with an informative purpose (see description of Transcreation for comparison)

  • Professional translators only provide translations and transcreations into their native language

  • Official translations: As a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists I am able to provide certified translations of documents required for official purposes, such as certificates, transcripts or statements. For information on UK government requirements for certified documents, please see


  • Checking and improving an English-language text, whether it is a translation or was originally written in English

  • This can range from checking the basics of spelling and grammar to improving phrasing, terminology and coherence or rewriting parts of text, depending on the requirements

  • Editing can also include checking a translation from French or Italian into English against the source to ensure it has been translated accurately and appropriately for the target audience


  • Transcreation is both translating and recreating a message in a new language and for a specific cultural context

  • The term Transcreation is usually used in reference to creatively translating and adapting advertisements and marketing materials to make sure they still work in their translated context and are culturally appropriate for the target market

  • Transcreation merges translation, copywriting and localisation (adaptation to a specific location or market), focusing on conveying the same concept and style of a message in a way that resonates with a new audience

  • It is an especially creative type of translation, most suited to texts with an engaging and motivating purpose



  • Timing subtitles with speech on video using specialist software

  • Translating scripts from French or Italian into English (if applicable)

Need a translation OUT of English? Or into English from languages other than French and Italian?

  • I don’t do this! (I only translate into my native language, from source languages that I have an advanced knowledge of)…

  • BUT I know people who do! Feel free to get in touch in case I can help with a recommendation.


How much does a professional translation cost?

Each quotation is bespoke to your project and is based on the services required and the scale of the source materials. The following elements also affect cost:

·       Specialisation level

·       Clarity of source materials

·       Urgency of deadline

·       Complexity of formatting/legibility/audibility

·       Availability of context/supporting documents

·       For editing jobs, the amount of editing that is needed to bring the text to a polished standard

How are professional translations priced?

Transcreation, editing and subtitling jobs are usually billed per hour.

Translations are usually charged per word, depending on the project and the factors listed above. For example, a 500-word document (approximately one full A4 page, typed) at a rate of £0.15 per word would cost £75.

No job is too small, but please note that a minimum charge may apply.

Please contact me for a quote: [email protected]

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