Main Areas of Expertise

Marketing, transcreation and creative industries (music, theatre and film)

  • Translating website content in a variety of sectors

  • Transcreation (creative translation) of advertisements and marketing materials

  • Translating and editing scripts (film and theatre), novels and articles about music, theatre and film

  • Subtitling film material including documentaries, advertisements and entertainment

  • Presenter at the 2023 Festival of Theatre in Translation by Out of the Wings

  • Member of the Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator Lab

  • Violinist for over 20 years, playing in orchestras and bands at weddings and festivals

Environment and sustainable development

  • Translation and editing work in this area includes: environmental impact assessments, funding bids and reviews, reports on the accessibility of renewable energy sources, information articles on renewable energies, urban planning documents, correspondence between official bodies, meeting minutes, and research into sustainability in international development

  • Practical and translation-based volunteer work in this area

  • Sustainable Development postgraduate short course (University of Leicester, 2021)

Business, IT and finance

  • Six years working in finance and data management

  • 10 years of translation experience in business, IT and finance subjects including cybersecurity, coding, fintech, artificial intelligence, insurance, data protection, telecommunications, market research, software applications and commercial regulations

CIOL Member 59034