Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for a translation project?

When contacting me ([email protected]!) to discuss your project, it is very helpful if you can include the following information:

- Service required (translation, transcreation, editing or subtitles – see Services page for a description of each of these)

- Word count, or length of video for subtitling

- Requested delivery date

- Subject matter

- The purpose and audience of the translation and any other relevant details or specific instructions

- Format and method for delivery and receipt (e.g. a Word document sent by email, or a PowerPoint presentation accessed via a platform)

I also need to see the full text/video so that I can confirm whether I am able to translate/edit/subtitle it. Confidentiality is, of course, key at all stages and is included in my Terms of Business.

Once we have confirmed everything needed to provide a top quality translation, I will commence work and deliver by our agreed deadline. We might be in touch during the project with any questions arising from either side.

What payment methods can I use?

I have local bank details for GBP, EUR and USD, meaning that you can pay by bank transfer without incurring bank charges. Feel free to contact me regarding other payment methods or currencies.

What sort of projects can you help me with?

See table below (under the pictures) for some examples!

Serious project of the month: Environmental impact assessment for an engineering project. I enjoyed learning the names of all the animal species in French (and Latin!) – and how they are being safeguarded of course!

Fun project of the month: Collaborating with fellow translator Charis Ainslie on the first English translation of Ceux Qui Manquent by French-Canadian TV and theatre writer Marc-Antoine Cyr. I have enjoyed Zooming with Marc-Antoine and Charis, and dreaming of when we can meet in real life at his base on the Amalfi Coast.

Main areas of expertise


Subject area

Document type examples

Environment /sustainable development translation

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Funding applications and reviews

  • Reports

  • Research articles

  • Construction, engineering and urban planning documents

  • Official letters

  • Meeting minutes

Marketing translation

  • Transcreation (creative translation) of marketing materials

  • Website content

  • Subtitling for advertisements

  • Press releases

  • Newsletters

  • Blogs

  • Social media content

  • Catalogues, product descriptions and product reviews

Creative translation

  • Scripts (film and theatre)

  • Novels

  • Articles about music, theatre and film

  • Subtitling for documentaries and entertainment


Secondary Specialisms


IT, business and finance translation

  • Consumer information articles

  • Training materials such as videos and manuals

  • Correspondence such as emails

Legal translation

  • Document review (multilingual)

  • Correspondence

  • Policies

Medical translation

  • Health programme reports

  • Patient information materials

  • Clinical trial documents such as informed consent forms


Although I mainly work with my specialisms, I do branch out from time to time! Feel free to contact me about a project that doesn’t seem to fit into the above lists. If I do not have the necessary knowledge I will tell you straight away and, if possible, recommend a colleague who could help you.

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